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About this Site

This website was originally the official site of Clydebank Football Club, but due to time/work constraints I wasn't able to keep up with the demands to maintain it. The excellent official website can now be found here. This website lay dormant for a couple of years when I decided to make use of the database and turn it into some kind of archive.

I contacted Niall Harkiss of K&N Concepts Ltd, who had designed the Arab Archive for Dundee United. The Arab Archive had its roots in the same database that this website was using, except Niall had rewritten it from the ground up, and made it into something quite different and unique. It meant that all my data was easily transferred and the Bankies Archive was born.

At the start, the Bankies Archive only had Clydebank's results and line-ups from 2003-2013. The original intention was to include the senior year of the Bankies. However, as the website expands the aim is now to include all eras of Clydebank FC, from the original Juniors (1899-1964) to the Senior Years (1965-2002), The return to the Juniors (2003-2020) and the current era which see all clubs part of a long overdue pyramid (2020-present)

The process of adding data to the website is very time consuming, and every effort is made to ensure that it is accurate. It is very much a work in progress, and probably alway will be. I try to have at least two pieces of corroborating evidence for an entry to be made, however new information can lead to any errors being corrected. The research is primarily from contemporary resources such as newspapers, match programmes, and team sheets. A number of magazines and end of season reviews have also been consulted.

If you can help by providing scans, photographs or any kind of information regarding Clydebank FC then please do get in touch via email: bankiesarchive@clydebankfc.co.uk

Copyright and fair use

This website exists purely for informational purposes and no financial gain is made from it whatsoever. A huge amount of time and effort has been put into getting it to the standard it is now. If you use the content or images in any way then please have the courtesy to acknowledge this website as your source rather than to pass them off as your own.

We do not knowingly use photographs without permission, however If your copyright has been infringed in any way then please email us at bankiesarchive@clydebankfc.co.uk and we will either remove the content or acknowledge its source.

The following people have provided materials and information, without whom our website would not be as detailed and informative:

  • Stuart McBay (Primary Research)
  • Joe Kelly (Player Biographies 1966-70)
  • Alistair McVicar (Match Photos 2003-2012)
  • Stevie Doogan (Match Photos 2012-present)
  • David Lundberg (Scrapbooks 1987-1992)
  • Stuart Currie (Match Videos & Scrapbooks 1991-1994)
  • Les Smith (Scrapbooks 1975-1978)
  • John McBay (Scrapbooks 1953-1959)
  • Donnie Reid (Photos 1992-95)
  • Graeme Latimer (Match Reports 1991-2002)
  • Graham Frost (Newspaper Archive Research)